Does NBDC support fibre or satellite technology?

NBDC is vendor and technology neutral. We advocate for equitable, affordable and reliable telecommunication services in all Northern communities, using the best backhaul technology in the best location and encouraging competition and innovation in the last mile.

Nunavut is currently only serviced by satellite and we wouldn’t have the service we have today otherwise. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead. So in 2011 NBDC commissioned a fibre feasibility study in order to have accurate and current information on the costs, challenges and benefits of alternate backhaul technologies, namely fibre optic, microwave and next generation satellite. In Greenland, for example, where there are similar challenges as in Nunavut, they have a heterogeneous network – a mix of satellite, fibre and microwave. Using the best technology in the best location and providing the same services across the board.

The bottom line is: it’s not a question of technology, it’s a question of public policy. It takes political will and adequate funding to ensure that all Nunavut residents have adequate, affordable and equitable services regardless of the technology.