I hear subsidies are ending in 2019, what will happen afterwards? What is NBDC doing?

2019 might seam far off, but if there is to be something in place when the existing funding ends, work has to start now. But NBDC thinks it can’t just be another 3-4 year program, another short term solution to a long term problem. NBDC has been actively working on several fronts to promote a long-term solution. These efforts include:

  • Advocating to CRTC to classify broadband as an essential service and to revise the funding and regulatory framework for northern telecommunications
  • Nunavut ICT summit to work towards a Nunavut ICT strategy that addresses not just connectivity but also issues like public access and skills development
  • Fibre feasibility study to examine the cost and feasibility of alternate technologies for next generation network
  • Broadband socioeconomic impact assessment to document the current social and economic benefits of broadband in Nunavut and to estimate the increased benefits from continued investment and improved connectivity
  • Exploring alternate ownership and governance models, such as the TeleGreenland approach