5-Year Training Strategy: Maximizing the Potential in Nunavut

Broadband Training Strategy: Maximizing the Potential in Nunavut

With the introduction of broadband services in Nunavut, NBDC created a 5-year training strategy Broadband Training Strategy: Maximizing the Potential in Nunavut, that sought to ensure Nunavummiut had access to training to make the most of broadband tools to obtain new skills, new knowledge, and new ways of doing business. With the appropriate sectoral-training strategy, Nunavut could take advantage of emerging business and educational opportunities broadband connectivity offered people living in remote communities. While the strategy was not implemented in its entirety, NBDC did develop online sector training for CSPs in subsequent years.

NBDC needed a long-term strategy to support development and delivery of appropriate and effective training and educational programs in three areas:

  • Training associated directly with introduction and delivery of broadband services;
  • Training associated with the development and use of applications made possible through the availability of broadband services;
  • General education and training programs to introduce and develop skills and knowledge in the area of ICT.

Working with the consulting firm Aarluk Consulting, NBDC developed the Broadband Training Strategy: Maximizing the Potential in Nunavut, which set out approaches for meeting the training challenges and opportunities presented by broadband. The strategy was based on the culmination of months of interviews, document review and analysis, surveys, and review of best practices in other sectors and regions across Canada.

In consultations with various training organizations in December of 2005, participating training institutions recommended that NBDC focus on developing training associated directly with the introduction and delivery of broadband services, focusing on the needs of CSPs. In subsequent years, NBDC worked to develop online training for CSPs.

Participants in the strategy included Aarluk Consulting, CSPs, Nunavut Arctic College, Municipal Training Organization, Department of Education – Government of Nunavut, NBDC board and staff.

Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Government of Canada funded the strategy.