Classroom Connect Pilot Project

The Classrooms Connect Pilot Project was initiated by NBDC as a first step towards bringing improved connectivity to all Nunavut schools. The pilot included 6 schools, two in each of Nunavut’s three regions, chosen in consultation with the Department of Education. Each school received a QINIQ modem with a custom service plan (2Mbps download, 512kbps upload) and the necessary networking equipment to network the computers and connect to the modem. The pilot project network was for the sole use of students and completely separate from the existing school network used for administrative purposes – a key condition imposed by NBDC to ensure that the connectivity was first and foremost available to the students.

The pilot launched in January 2010 and was scheduled to end March 31, 2010. The feedback from the participating schools was overwhelmingly positive and the pilot was extended to the end of the 2010 school year.

Teacher feedback:

I can't speak for other teachers, but for myself it has made a big difference for my classroom teaching, for science and media classes. For example I just did a unit on the circulatory system in Science and it was great to be able to take advantage of excellent videos on the internet that demonstrated what I was trying to get across. A tremendous difference maker for the students and I.

Excellent - parts of curriculum can be completed due to the improved internet connectivity. Able to be more creative with assignments.

Improved connectivity for all Nunavut schools was realized two years later. Read about the full Classroom Connect project.