CSP conference II

L-R  Randy Kopak (Repulse Bay), David Smith (NBDC staff), Naanasie Onalik and Lizzie Tanayuk (Rankin Inlet) and Ike Haulli (Igloolik) at Yellowknife workshop  Photo: L. Thomas

The local Community Service Provider (CSP) in each Nunavut community is the first line of support for Qiniq users and a key component in the success of the network. In March of 2007, CSPs gathered at two separate conferences to provide detailed feedback to SSI Micro (the network operator) and NBDC on issues and concerns, and ideas to make things work better.

These conferences aimed to strengthen the CSP network by linking CSPs to provide support to each other within a region and within Nunavut – building a stronger team of Nunavut-based technology professionals. The comprehensive meetings also worked to ensure CSPs had the opportunity to shape the management of the Qiniq network and related services to meet unique Nunavut community residents’ needs in Nunavut.

Activities:Workshops in Iqaluit (for Baffin) and Yellowknife (for Kivalliq and Kitikmeot) in March of 2007 included sessions as follows:

  • Workshop on Qiniq services. Facilitated workshop on existing services, and discussion on issues facing CSPs in customer service, billing, collections, tech support issues that need attention by CSPs, NBDC and SSI.
  • The Qiniq Network Design: the overall design of the network, and its relationship to Digital Voice, Click to Meet, Hotspots, Webmail, speeds etc.
  • Introduction to Click to Meet: Introduction from a user’s perspective. CSPs participated in CTM sessions, covering mic and camera placement.
  • Training Workshop: Introduction to Distance learning tools – Moodle, CSP site functions, ICT Centre of Excellence overview. CSPs learned how to access learning materials on line.
  • Internal Management System (IMS) and Procedural Changes for CSPs: SSI Micro presented an updated training manual, and reviewed procedural requirements to improving customer service.
  • Recommendations from Conference on Bandwidth, Marketing, Training and the Future of Qiniq: An open discussion was held to chart the future of Qiniq to meet community needs.
  • Press conference and ‘public day’ demonstrated various applications: Hotspots, Digital Voice, Click to Meet, with the “On the Land” unit, the ‘low-cost workstation’ and the Qiniq video, attended by CSPs and local media.

The successful CSP conferences held in March helped to create a cohesive group, as CSPs provided valuable insights in business development in communities, with ideas to improve services at all levels, training required, and more access to specific tools to help community members increase their IT capacity.

Media coverage of the ‘Demonstration Day’ was very positive, with television, radio and newspaper coverage in Yellowknife and Iqaluit;

The conferences were an opportunity to recognize the sustainability of the CSP model, as no Nunavut governmental operational subsidy is required to support the day-to-day operations of CSPs in communities – it is a completely sustainable model.

The NBDC board and staff, SSi Micro, and CSPs from across Nunavut participated in the conferences.

Funding was provided by:

  • Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Government of Canada 
  • Department of Economic Development and Transportation, Government of Nunavut