Development of Infrastructure II Business Plan

Infrastructure Phase II Managing Bandwidth – Nunavut’s Road Ahead

The rapid uptake of Qiniq services by Nunavut residents combined with the expansion of bandwidth-heavy new Internet services created an ever-increasing need for more bandwidth in Nunavut. NBDC developed a comprehensive business plan in March of 2008, entitled Infrastructure Phase II Managing Bandwidth – Nunavut’s Road Ahead, aiming to increase Nunavut’s access to more satellite bandwidth at affordable prices to meet the exploding demand for more broadband services in Nunavut.

NBDC conducted a comprehensive needs analysis, collecting user data on how broadband was used, by whom, and for what purpose, to predict Nunavummiut needs for the next 5 years. Data was collected in three ways:

  • Survey of over 200 people from both large and small communities, from May of 2007 to February, 2008.
  • Eight in-person workshops were held in February of 2008 in all regions of Nunavut with participants from a wide range of sectors, and
  • Meetings were held with Deputy Ministers and key staff on future broadband needs. 

NBDC also ran an RFP asking vendors for their lowest-cost solution for distributing bandwidth to a defined user group in Nunavut as required by the National Satellite Initiative program. All qualifying vendors (as determined by the NSI process) would be able to access lower cost bandwidth, demonstrating the pass-through of the savings to the defined user group.

The final business plan, Infrastructure Phase II Managing Bandwidth – Nunavut’s Road Ahead, was submitted to Infrastructure Canada in March of 2008. Additional bandwidth was secured from the National Satellite Initiative to support the identified needs of Nunavut users.

The business plan was developed by David Smith and Lorraine Thomas of NBDC, with input from the NBDC board, government, business, vendors and the public.

Funding was provided by the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Government of Canada  and the Department of Economic Development and Transportation, Government of Nunavut.