Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association: Direct Marketing Project

The Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association (NACA), Direct Marketing Project examined the opportunity for direct marketing activities in the selling of Inuit art online. The report NACA: Direct Marketing Project outlines a step by step use of technology and the Internet to strengthen the existing players and roles in the sector while introducing new marketing channels that will grow Inuit art sales in quantity and quality. The report concluded with a detailed list of sub-projects and activities needed to move forward and a proposed budget for 2008 activities.

Purpose:The purpose of this project was to investigate opportunities for direct marketing activities enabled by broadband, and propose a series of modest steps to move toward a full direct marketing approach using an e-Business Internet portal.

NACA sponsored the Direct Marketing Project, and was an active participant and advisor representing its membership base to investigate how to increase the value of Nunavut’s arts sector through investments that improve quality, stimulate innovation, and support sustainability, in partnership with Nunavut artists, their organizations and their communities.

NBDC provided advice and contacts related to broadband access, technology infrastructure, and management of the technology portion of the Direct Marketing Project.

Outcomes: The final report, originally published online at the NACA website, is still available as a PDF, entitled Nunavut Arts and Crafts: Direct Marketing Project.

The report concluded the use of an e-Business marketplace is not expected to replace sales by the traditional methods. Visitors and tourists will still buy locally and local agents will purchase items for gallery resale. However, using the e-Business option opens up new sales and attracts the interest of collectors who may never visit Nunavut and who may never enter a gallery.

Participants:Harry Deckert, Consultant, led the original research, working with Beth Beattie of NACA, David Smith and Lorraine Thomas of NBDC.

Funder(s):Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association funded the project.