Nunavut Broadband Business Plan 2003

Nunavut Broadband: Business Plan Submission for Implementation Funding

NBDC’s first business plan entitled Nunavut Broadband: Business Plan Submission for Implementation Funding was created to attract the necessary investment for the private sector to build and operate a broadband network that would meet the projected needs of Nunavut customers.

In 2003, with no broadband networks in Nunavut, NBDC’s first task was to assist in the development of the infrastructure: the physical equipment, satellite antennas, software and service capability in each community needed for broadband.

David Smith and Lorraine Thomas carried out the research and wrote the original business plan under the direction of the Advisory Committee between January and June, 2003. Activities included:

  • Conducted needs analysis, predicting bandwidth needs for next 10 years;
  • RFP invited vendors to submit bids for connecting communities to each other and the Internet backbone (Category 1- Satellite Services – 7 received) and connecting within communities (Category 2- Community Broadband Services – 3 received).
  • Independent evaluation committee selected the lowest cost, best technology for Nunavut -- SSi Micro of Yellowknife, won both Category 1 and 2;
  • Produced full Business Plan June 6th, 2003, and submitted Plan to:
    • Industry Canada’s BRAND Program for investment
    • Nunavut Business Credit Corporation, and Atuqtuarvik Corporation for debt and equity investment;
    • Government of Nunavut EDT, DIAND, and 25 Hamlets contributions to cover the costs of installing 2.5 GHz modems in all 25 communities (not just the 10 largest communities as originally proposed by the winning vendor);
  • The Plan was also submitted to Infrastructure Canada’s National Satellite Initiative to help defray some of the satellite bandwidth costs.

The winning bidder was selected to build and operate the network, and the necessary financing (contributions, debt and equity investment) was secured by the spring of 2004 to complete the building of the QINIQ network.

NBDC Advisory Committee and staff, contractors, independent evaluation committee members were all key contributors to the development and implementation of the business plan.

Business plan funding was provided by:

  • Industry Canada, BRAND business plan funding
  • Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Government of Canada business plan funding
  • Department of Sustainable Development (EDT), Government of Nunavut