Nunavut Broadband Speedtest

Are you getting the service level you are paying for? How does your service compare with the rest of Nunavut? The rest of Canada or the world? NBDC wants to know.

NBDC has licensed the same software running the most popular and most accurate speedtest site on the Internet. NBDC’s speedtest is running on an independent server, not affiliated with any of the service providers in Nunavut, so we can gather accurate and unbiased data on actual service levels experienced by Nunavut users.

Run the speedtest. Check your speed, check often, and help NBDC document the service levels Nunavut Internet users are actually experiencing. The data will be used to highlight Nunavut’s growing digital divide and to advocate for increased investment and better services for Nunavut users.

Based on almost 500 tests from almost every community in Nunavut, the average burst download speed is 1.672 Mbps and the average burst upload speed is 397 kbps. A far cry from the Canadian experience: 30.77Mbps average download speed, 7.46 Mbps average upload speed (according to Ookla’s Net Index data for July 2015).