Nunavut Community Skills Information System

The Department of Education, Government of Nunavut requested assistance from NBDC to help manage the development of the Nunavut Community Skills Information System. NBDC managed the creation of the complex database, coordinating developers, project management, career counseling organizations, community trials, and initial training for Career Counsellors in Nunavut. Once the award-winning database was completed, the Department of Education took over the management of the NCSIS in 2006.

NBDC ran the RFP in 2005, and managed the development of the project, creating a development tool for:

  • employers to advertise job openings and to find suitable personnel;
  • employees to seek employment and provide resumes;
  • employers and employees to provision of a job matching system; and
  • the government to develop accurate data regarding economic development that will enable them to identify the gap between job requirements and available skill sets of prospective employees in order to provide targeted training programs.

NBDC ran a series of pilots as part of testing the application, testing the online employer application, the job matching component and the database in three communities in Nunavut.

Working with the Department of Education, NBDC organized a training session for Career Development Officers in how to use the Nunavut Community Skills Inventory System.

The completed Nunavut Community Skills Inventory System (NCSIS) was extremely well received, and once completed, was managed by the Department of Education, Government of Nunavut.

In 2007, the Department of Education won a Silver I-PAC award for New Service Breakthroughs with Technology awarded by the Institute of Public Administration of Canada for the NCSIS.

Barb McCallumwas the lead IT consultant to NBDC, and Mac Prescott of e-Learning Enterprises worked closely with the Department of Education. eNunavut Communications was the database developer, with project management from NBDC staff, and consultation with Career Counsellors and community testers.

Funder(s): Department of Education, Government of Nunavut funded the project.