Nunavut on the world stage

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Upon the successful launch and customer uptake of the Qiniq network, NBDC engaged in promoting the success story by submitting Nunavut for consideration as a Smart 21 Community by the New York-based Intelligent Community Forum. Nunavut’s submission was selected from among hundreds of submissions, and put the Qiniq network and Nunavut on the international stage for recognition for the work completed in developing the broadband network, and led to a very positive image for Nunavut and NBDC’s work in making broadband a reality.

Outcomes:Nunavut was recognized by the Forum as a “Smart 21 Community” for excellence in broadband promoting sustainable economic and social development.

NBDC representatives traveled to the in January 2006, where Nunavut was held up as a model to be emulated by other jurisdictions with similar geographic challenges. Darrell Ohokannoak (Chairman of NBDC) presented the Nunavut broadband story to an international delegation at the conference.

The Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce named the Qiniq network the business of the year in March of 2006, both because of the impact of the network, as well as the positive national and international success story promoted by Intelligent Community Forum.NBDC videos distributed at the Conference were also used extensively by federal government officials to promote Canada’s broadband connectivity program.

Industry Canada and the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Government of Canada provided funding for travel and video production/distribution. The Department of Economic Development and Transportation, Government of Nunavut provided funding for travel.