QINIQ Launch Event in Rankin Inlet

Qiniq Launch in Rankin Inlet

NBDC publicly launched the QINIQ network in May of 2005, with a series of events that involved the community, Nunavut leaders, funders, investors, the NBDC board, SSi Micro, Telesat and the public. The event received a great deal of public attention, assisting in publicizing the completion of the new QINIQ network, and the creation of the CSP network. The successful launch event paved the way for future projects involving the development of broadband services in Nunavut.

NBDC set out to hold a large public event to attract Nunavut and National media and the public of Rankin Inlet to celebrate the launch of QINIQ. Activities included:

  • Special awards dinner was held in Rankin Inlet on May 25th, with participation by leaders from Inuit Tapirisat Kanatami, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., Rankin Inlet elders and dignitaries, government officials from Government of Nunavut, Industry Canada, Telesat, SSi, Atuqtuarvik Corporation, Nunavut Business Credit Corporation, and the NBDC board of directors;
  • 250 members of the public attended a broadband demonstration day on May 26, 2005, showcasing various applications on the Internet;
  • NBDC held its AGM on May 27th in Rankin Inlet, webcasting the proceedings over the new QINIQ network with participants in other locations participating in the AGM.

Outcomes: The launch was a huge success, attracting media and political attention to Nunavut’s new network, and its potential for developing the broadband industry in Nunavut.

Media reports were published in all northern media, with uptake from various IT trade magazines, with photos from the demonstration day resulting in pictures of Rankin youth online being published in major dailies, and magazines around the world. Industry Canada invested additional funds to allow NBDC to produce videos to showcase the QINIQ achievements to a wider audience.

Funding for the launch was provided by the Department of Economic Development and Transportation, Government of Nunavut