Training of Community Service Providers for roll out

CSP training session

NBDC worked with SSi Micro to organize and conduct three regional workshops for new CSPs in advance of the launch of the QINIQ network in the fall of 2004. These training sessions resulted in excellent business relationships between SSi, CSPs and NBDC, as everyone worked together to prepare for the successful launch of the QINIQ network.

The purpose of the training workshops was to build local capacity by training the new CSPs so that they could deliver front-line services, provide support in their communities, and generate revenue locally in the provision of services.

NBDC and SSi held three in-person workshops, attended by all CSPs in Nunavut:

  • October 25th – 29th: Cambridge Bay, Nunavut (Kitikmeot-based CSPs);
  • November 1st – 5th: Rankin Inlet, Nunavut (Kivalliq-based CSPs);
  • November 8th – 12th: Iqaluit, Nunavut (Baffin-based CSPs).

SSi Micro and NBDC created the CSP Technical Reference Manual, and provided extensive hands-on training for:

  • Overview of NBDC / Overall project;
  • Estimating customer uptake in a CSP’s community;
  • Learning to use SSi’s comprehensive Internet management application (ARIA) that would enable CSPs quickly and efficiently manage their client base;
  • Understanding the satellite and wireless networks;
  • How to set up wireless modems, configure computers to connect to the Internet, troubleshoot email programs, diagnose faulty wireless modems;
  • Payment & cash management.

CSPs were ready and able to participate in the initial trials of the broadband technology in their communities, meet and assist SSi installers when they arrived in their community, and provide technical and business feedback to SSi as QINIQ was being developed. When the service launched in 2005, CSPs were prepared to offer services immediately to the public. The in-person training sessions were extremely important in developing the business relationships between CSPs, SSi, and NBDC so that all players could work effectively together in the launch and development of the new broadband service.

Every community participated in the training, including 22 CSPs, (2 CSPs from Resolute Bay) 4 CSRs, (Community Service Representatives working for Polarnet, who acted as the CSP for all 5 Kitikmeot communities), plus NBDC and SSi staff.

The CSP training was paid for by:

  • Kitikmeot Economic Development Corporation
  • Kivalliq Partners in Development
  • Kakivak
  • Department if Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Government of Canada
  • Department of Agriculture, Government of Canada