What kind of projects does NBDC do and how do they benefit me as a user?

NBDC serves the role of a vendor and technology neutral consumer advocate and industry watchdog. NBDC is based in Nunavut, governed by Nunavut residents, and represents the collective interests of Nunavut users, including residents, small business, organizations, and municipal governments - the users not served by government or other large, private networks.

You’re probably familiar with NBDC’s first major project, the Qiniq network. NBDC secured the funding that got Qiniq built and offering service in all Nunavut communities. That’s one of NBDC’s main areas of work: ensuring that there’s investment to support Internet infrastructure and evolution of services to meet public telecommunication needs in Nunavut.

Over the period 2003-2016, NBDC will have raised and managed over $66 million in broadband investments in Nunavut, coming predominantly from the federal government and the private sector.  While NBDC has been successful in accessing funding through a series of federal programs, NBDC believes that a holistic and long term solution is needed if northern customers are to, in the words of the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, “receive telecommunication services, both regulated and forborne, comparable to those available to Southern Canada in terms of choice, quality and reliability”. And NBDC would add affordability.

Here are some of our recent projects:

  • NBDC has been involved in the CRTC’s review of the Northwestel modernization plan, advocating for a revision of the current regulatory and funding framework to ensure that telecommunication services in the North catch up to offerings in southern Canada.
  • In 2012 NBDC organized Nunavut’s first Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Summit, bringing together over 70 participants from government, Inuit organizations, carriers and service providers as well as civil society from across Nunavut and Canada. The summit focused on the multiple and wide-ranging issues that must be addressed in order to advance the state of ICTs in Nunavut. An ICT Task Force was formed at the summit to develop a long term ICT strategy for Nunavut.
  • In 2011 NBDC commissioned a fibre feasibility study and a broadband socioeconomic impact assessment. The resulting reports will help inform future northern telecommunication policy by addressing knowledge gaps, in the case of the fibre feasibility study, and by demonstrating the socioeconomic benefits of broadband connectivity in Nunavut, in the case of the socioeconomic impact assessment.
  • In 2012-2013 NBDC, in partnership with the Canadian Deafness Research and Training Institute, ran a pilot project to test videoconference equipment that will better facilitate communication for the deaf in the territory. A follow-up project is anticipated in the coming year.
  • NBDC also carries out projects to support the development of local ICT capacity. In 2013 NBDC organized a very successful Drupal workshop and other workshops are in development.

To see a complete list of NBDC’s projects to date, go to the projects page.