How Solar Home Technology Works

In the evolution of solar houses, scientific experimentation has shown that strong wood is the most efficient structural material. The wooden frame of a solar house is commonly known as an envelope. In the most elementary sense, the home includes an interior structure wrapped by an outer structure of the identical shape, but slightly larger to allow for insulation and air flow.

The envelope functions as air flow and air access channel, which runs all over the structure, creating a biosphere just within the walls of the house. This mini biosphere creates, circulates and pumps renewable energy from beneath the house, and warm air from the sunlight outside the home. Geothermal energy can be saved inside the solid wood walls, and controlled by the hottest in solar house technology.

Thermal inertia modulates the natural temperature benefits which may be derived in cycles between the night and day, and even during the diverse temperatures of all four seasons. The earth is our home and we can conserve our natural resources while maintaining our homes comfortable by shifting to organic energy resources like solar power.

The envelope-like structure serves as an air ventilation route in addition to a dehumidification system for your solar-powered home. Due to the awesome conservation qualities of timber, the energy a solar house produces may even outweigh the quantity of energy it takes to keep you secure and comfortable. Solid wood walls of solar houses built with this structural building system have the incredible ability to retain, create, and release heat. The notion of thermal inertia isn’t a new one: There are homes dating back to the 1300s which were designed with the software of comparable constructional theories. We have, through the deep invention of fuel-heating power and power, actually been almost counterproductive in our methods.

What scientists do now is really taking steps backward, in a sense, to move forward in the struggle for a safer, healthier world. Studies have proven it is illogical to use a drop of fuel or a single watt of energy for the purpose of heating and cooling homes when all we truly need is supplied by the ground itself. Now that we’ve started to use ways of harnessing this natural, geothermal energy, there isn’t any use in damaging our world via unnatural energy resources.

The machine used for building a solar house is absolutely remarkable in its simplicity. Some familiar terms like the heat-loss equation, delta T variable, and natural/radiant heating are all things of which you might have heard in science journals, magazines or any other sorts of texts dealing with solar theories. The system of building a solar house is the creation of a structure that’s sound dependable and functions as its own heat pump. The architectural design of a solar house is very effective for both cooling on a summer day and heating in winter.

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